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Empowering Translators with Cutting-Edge AI

Translation tools that simplify your work

Tools that are .

Advanced Translation Assistance

Get suggestions, corrections, and more in a simple text editor.

Conversational insights

Learning about the source texts is like talking to an expert.

Orchestrated AI automations

Let AI tools automate the repetitive tasks you already do so you can focus on the work that matters.

Codex App & Translator's Copilot

Inspired by VS Code, reimagined for translation excellence.

Translator's Copilot

Your AI ally, offering contextual suggestions and seamless chat interfaces for unparalleled assistance.

Multimodal Inputs & Outputs

Embracing a spectrum of audio and visual resources to enrich the translation experience.

Offline Accessibility

Tools that are there when you need them, anywhere, anytime.


Catering to the top-ten strategic languages, embracing global translation needs.

Unopinionated Tools

Flexibly adapting to your unique translation style and project requirements.

Codex App: A robust translation editor

A robust translation editor that is simple and intuitive at first glance, but powerful and customizable when you need it.

Open-Source, Collaborative, and Community-Driven

At Project Accelerate, every contribution, big or small, propels us forward in our mission to bring the power of the Bible to every corner of the world.

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